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My entire visit from reception to procedure and followup was personable and professional. The procedure itself was quick and surprisingly comfortable; and I am confident that the unique experience, skill and attentiveness of Dr. Ferrer was absolutely key.
Anonymous, San Diego CA

I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Ferrer and the Vasectomy Clinic of San Diego. The procedure was performed as advertised on a Friday and I am back to work the following Monday with no pain and minimal discomfort. Dr. Ferrer was more than happy to take the time to answer all of my questions in detail and address any concerns I had in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.
Rob, Oceanside CA

Having recently had a procedure performed by Dr. Ferrer I must say that it was quick, painless, and professional. I felt at ease with his demeanor,his courteous staff, and was in and out of the office in no time. I would recommend this to any men who are considering this procedure.
H.E., San Diego CA

El trato fue muy bueno, la operacion fue a pedir de boca, no fue mas que una “ligera” molestia, y la recuperación esta yendo fenomenal: ¿qué más se puede pedir? Relacion calidad precio excelente!! Gracias por todo y, un detalle por su parte el interés mostrado por usted en el postoperatorio…
Gracias de nuevo, y hasta pronto!
V.C. Barcelona, Spain

It’s been about ten days since my vasectomy procedure and I’m feeling great! No complications thus far. I’m very happy with the results. Your office staff is very friendly, pleasant and helpful. Thank you for providing this service for our Southern California community. It is much appreciated.
Many thanks,

I would like to share my experience using Dr. Ferrer of the Vasectomy clinic of San Diego. Relax, it’s not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be. I have had pedicures that hurt worse, and don’t even compare this with going to the Dentist. I would rather get this procedure than go to the Dentist ANYDAY. This was the no needle, no scalpel method. The needle part is replaced by something that reminded me of the memory eraser device in the movie Men In Black, it “shoots” the numbing stuff through the top layers of skin, while it is somewhat annoying, it’s not really painful. After that you won’t feel a thing. Afterwards I was advised to get some motrin. I took 3 right after the procedure and 2 more a few hours later, that was it. Next day the area felt very tender and irritated, I put a few drops of Frankincense oil on the area, and that was pretty much the whole deal.
David H. Escondido, CA