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No Scalpel No Needle Vasectomy

Icon representing No ScapelIn No Scalpel No Needle vasectomy, we use a spray injector to deliver anesthesia to numb the area, as well as a special device to spread the tissue eliminating the scalpel, this new technique reduces even further the low complication rate of conventional vasectomy.

With no-needle no-scalpel technique, we expose each vas through a small opening in the scrotum. The small opening in the dime-sized area of anesthetized skin is made with a special surgical instrument, one tip makes a pinpoint opening, then the two tips are used to spread and enlarge the opening to about one-fourth of an inch. Since blood vessels in the skin are spread apart rather than cut, bleeding is less than when a scalpel is used, no stitches are required, and the opening is usually sealed closed by the next day.

Once each vas tube is delivered through the scrotal opening, it is divided with an electrical cauterizer. Nothing is removed. The ends of the divided vas are placed out of alignment and kept from rejoining by applying a small clip to the sheath surrounding the vas so that one end stays inside the sheath, the other outside. Procedure time is approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.