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Vasectomy Preparation


  1. Please shave the underside of the penis and the whole scrotum, preferably before the day of the procedure.
  2. Do not use powder or deodorant in the genital area on the day of your procedure.
  3. Wear tight underwear or compression shorts on the day of the procedure.
  4. If possible, arrange to have someone drive you home. If you must drive yourself, a flat tire or fender bender could lead to complications. Plan to do nothing but recline at home on the afternoon and evening of the vasectomy.
  5. Do not take any aspirin-containing medication for five days before the procedure.
  6. Eat before your procedure, a normal breakfast or lunch. Nervous men who do not eat beforehand are more likely to become lightheaded during or after their vasectomies.


  1. Spend a quiet evening at home, reclining in bed or on the sofa. Minimize activity.
  2. You may take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for any discomfort.
  3. You may remove the scrotal support and take a daily shower starting the morning after the procedure. Replace the scrotal support and wear it whenever you are up and around for the next 2 days, and during sports for the next 7 days.
  4. On the day after the procedure, you may walk and drive as much as you like, but no sports, yard work, swimming, or heavy lifting. Men with non-strenuous jobs may work the next day.
  5. Two days after the procedure, you may return to work and regular activities wearing your scrotal support. Wait three days for aggressive sports like basketball and tennis, and wear the scrotal support during sports for a week.
  6. You may have sex 2 days after the procedure. It is uncommon but normal to have some blood in the semen for the first few ejaculations.
  7. Since no incision is made, a follow-up visit is not required.
  8. It is normal to have some bruising of the skin (black and blue) around the puncture site a day or two after the vasectomy. Some men will develop considerable bruising of the scrotum about 4 days after the vasectomy. Blood from the deep vasectomy site comes to the surface as a purplish-blue mark, gets darker and spreads out, then gradually dissipates.
  9. Some men about 1 in 20 n will develop swelling and discomfort on one side, sometimes on both sides, starting anytime from 3 days to 3 months following vasectomy. This usually represents an exaggerated form of the normal inflammatory response necessary for sperm reabsorption and recycling. It is effectively managed with a 5-7 day course of ibuprofen 600 mg 3 times per day.
  10. Twelve weeks after your vasectomy, have your semen tested to be sure that it no longer contains sperm and that it is thereby safe to stop other forms of contraception.