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Vasectomy Clinic

About The Vasectomy Clinic of San Diego and Newport Beach

Edward Ferrer, MD is a Board Certified Surgeon specializing in the no needle no scalpel vasectomy procedure, practicing in sunny San Diego and Newport Beach, California. He was born in Los Angeles, and subsequently obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). He then obtained his medical degree from Ross University and completed his residency at Kaiser Permanente in Riverside, California.

Dr. Ferrer is the founder of the Vasectomy Clinic of San Diego and Newport Beach, specializing in the “No-Needle, No-Scalpel” vasectomy technique. He has been performing this procedure since 2008. His primary goal is to alleviate the fears and concerns commonly associated with vasectomy, in addition to greatly minimizing any pain or discomfort that men may experience with this procedure. After training with many of the pioneers of the “No-Needle, No Scalpel” vasectomy, Dr. Ferrer developed his own vasectomy technique incorporating the very best and most advanced elements of the varying styles. Dr. Ferrer’s unique technique even further reduces any risks from an already low-risk procedure. He is often praised for his diligent technique and meticulous attention to detail, kind bedside manner, and his efforts to provide the highest quality of care to his patients.